Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Teachings - Gingerbread Man

I am on a big math kick this week. We did another fun math activity.

I cut out a gingerbread man from brown construction paper. We then decorated the man with markers and crayons. Next we decided to work on circumference and area.

Time to pull out mini marshmallows, if I had any. Since I only had large marshmallows, we used Trix cereal. We laid the gingerbread man down and after we discussed exactly what circumference was, we started measuring. We laid the cereal side by side all the way around the gingerbread man. We then counted all of the cereal pieces (65).

Next we took the cereal pieces off of the gingerbread man and had a discussion about the area of the gingerbread man. Once we had an understanding about area, we talked about whether it would take more or less pieces to fill up the area. Once we decided, we used cereal to fill up the area of the gingerbread man . We then counted all of the pieces (118).

After all of that hard counting, we had a feast of cereal. I would like for you to learn from my mistakes. Do NOT use a round cereal for this activity. My son had a hard time keeping them from rolling all over the place. Marshmallows would have been much easier.

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