Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making Bird Feeders

I have seen this idea all over the Internet and we decided to give it a try this week. It is easy and economical!

Cheerios or other round cereal
Pipe Cleaners

Two supplies! Now that is my kind of activity! We just threaded the cheerios on to the pipe cleaners, and bent the pipe cleaner into the desired shape.

Most of the time when I have seen this online, the pipe cleaners are bent into a heart shape. I do love those, but I wanted my son to make his own shapes. He has circles, ovals and abstract shapes.

We had lots of fun doing this and then we hung them up in the tree right outside the playroom window. We also hung some off the deck railing in the backyard. Each day, he runs to the door and window to see if there are any birds eating his cereal!

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