Thursday, July 7, 2011

Water Bombs

With Summer officially here, things are really starting to heat up. I love the pool but after a long day at work I do not always feel like driving to the pool and we don't have a pool in the back yard so what is a Mom to do? Get creative!

I made water bombs for us to play with and we have used them almost daily since.

Sponges (2 or 3 per bomb)
Cable ties

If you are using a large sponge (5 inch or so) you will only need 2 sponges per bomb. If you are using smaller sponges, you may want three sponges. Cut each sponge into thirds (larger sizes) or fourths (smaller sizes) and then stack them in layers. See picture for explanation.

Put a cable tie under the sponges and pull tight. Once you have it pulled all the way, trim off the excess.

Now squeeze, squish and soak your water bombs. Do not aim for the face and be sure to play nice!

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