Thursday, July 21, 2011

Art? Yes, Yes it is!

I had a great plan for an artistic endeavor. I thought it was genius and foolproof! I thought my son would love my idea! He had other plans for the art project and he had way more fun!

Gessoed Art Board (any size, we used 16x20)
craft paints
paper towels

We picked out some paints and decided we were going to make some drip paintings. I thought it would be so much fun to watch the colors combine. We put squirts of about 6-7 different colors on the board and then tilted the board to watch the paint roll down. The plan was that we would watch those roll down and then turn the board and do some more paint colors. Turn the board again and repeat until we were happy. Once we may the first turn and added the second colors, I could see the wheels turning in my son's head!

He wanted his hands in the paint so bad it was physically impossible to sit still. I let him mix the colors all up. I suggest doing this activity outside, we had paint everywhere! We also had an amazing amount of fun!

Once he had run his fingers all through the paint and mixed it all well, we went back to watching new paints run down the board. We would pick which color we thought would be the fastest and the slowest. He really enjoyed the race and he loves to see his art on his chest in his bedroom!

Because the paint was so thick, it did take over 24 hours to dry but it was worth it. Be sure to keep the board on top of the tray or another surface that it is okay to get pools of paint on.

Art is different to everyone but it should always be fun!

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