Monday, May 2, 2011

The Sailboat Project

Have you tried Origami with your kids yet? It is a great way to be artistic and work on your fine motor skills at the same time.

I work for the Child Care Council of Kentucky, a non-profit agency in Lexington. We oversee the Child Care Assistance Program in 71 counties throughout the state and we are also a Resource and Referral Agency serving 17 counties in the state. As we were discussing the services we offer and the families that we assist in finding and paying for quality child care, it got us thinking about those families. The job we do helps these families to stay afloat in their daily lives. When you go off to a job or school, you need to know that your children are being cared for and educated.

When we looked at our records we saw that we serve 15,500 families annually. That is a tremendous amount of people but it is still "just a number". I am personally a "visual" person and 15,500 is not visual to me. I need a visual to go along with that number and that is why we began The Sailboat Project.

We are asking people to help us make 15,500 sailboats this year. That will be one sailboat for every family we serve. What a great visual to see all of these sailboats standing in for all of the families that we help stay afloat each year.

Origami paper is beautiful and easy to fold but it can also be expensive. We would love for you to fold up a sailboat with any paper that you may have available to you. If you have children, let them decorate one side of the paper and then use that to fold a sailboat. Once you have your sailboat completed, write your city and state on the back and mail it to our office at: Child Care Council, Attn: Sailboat Project, 1460 Newtown Pike, Suite 200, Lexington, KY 40511.

You can download the folding instructions by clicking the picture.

Everyone makes a difference in the world, choose to make a positive difference in the live of someone.

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