Thursday, May 5, 2011

Picnic Time

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The weather is clearing up hopefully and we love to go to the park for picnics. A picnic is such a low maintenance way to have a little family fun.

Basket, bag or backpack
tablecloth or blanket
containers and wrappers for food
cups, forks, knives, spoons
plates, napkins
trash container

Now you just need to decide on your food for the picnic. You can make sandwiches at home using your favorite toppings (we love cream cheese with jam) or you can choose one of the themes below.

Tossed Salad - Take along any of the following ingredients and toss together the salad when you reach your destination. You can put a squeeze of lemon and/or oil and vinegar for a dressing.
other salad greens
bell pepper slices - multi colors
carrot circles or shreds
tomato slices or cherry tomatoes
cheese cubes
cucumber slices
zucchini matchsticks
celery slices
sunflower seeds
bacon bits

Dip - we usually use a spinach dip, cottage cheese mixed with crushed pineapples or strawberry jam or yogurt mixed with fresh dill then we bring along some of the following for dipping.
apple rings
bread sticks
zucchini matchsticks
cheese slices
chunks of bread
orange sections
I have to be honest, sometimes my son just uses his fingers so he gets his own bowl of dip!

Be sure to remember your drinks and do not leave any trash laying around. Take out of the park everything you brought in.

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