Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Teachings - Math Skills Roundup

Recently I was in the local Parent Teacher Store and they had some of the cutest notepads on sale. They were pre-cut into the best shapes. They had frogs, hearts, bears, suns, and just about any other shape you could want. You could pick a shape to go with a book or an interest of your child. There were literally 100 or more shapes to choose from.

I purchased a Cowboy shaped notepad and set to work making a Math Roundup activity for my son. It was easy. I just wrote the numbers 1-10 on the paper. Next I dug around in my son's activity box until I located the bug/insect counters that we have. My son loves those bug counters but anything could be used.

I had the cards laying face down and he would flip one over and then put the matching number of bugs on the cowboy.

When I did the game at home I just let him use the paper as is, but I do recommend laminating the pages if you want to use them more than one time.

As for the products I used: The company that makes the notepads is Shapes Etc and my bug counters came from one of the many orders I have made with Scholastic.

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