Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Catch a Leprechuan

In honor of St. Patrick's Day on Thursday, we are going to give you links to some great leprechaun traps. I am not sure what happens in your house every year but our house is watched over by some bad behaving leprechauns! They are always trying to wreak havoc in our household. I think they get excited and they dance around and move all of our shoes! It takes forever to find our shoes on Saint Patrick's Day. One year they even moved our shoes outside. They usually feel pretty guilty about their bad behaviour though and leave us some gold coins that contain chocolate. One year they even left the Sacagawea Golden Dollar Coin.

First we have samples of some great traps made by Ms. Poselli's Kindergarten Class. They were not able to trap any leprechauns but they did drops some gold in their rush to escape all of these great traps. Be sure to go to that link, there are lots of traps to try at your house.

Next is Roots and Wings with some great traps. They also used a very budget friendly way to make gold. They painted some small rocks with gold paint. Genius!

Steve Spangler has a great leprechaun trap made with PVC pipe. They tempted the leprechauns at their house with "liquid gold". They did not catch the rascals but they did fall in the liquid gold and turn it green.

I hope you have great success in catching those pesky leprechauns and bringing a little magic to your home.

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