Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer is Here! Time for Pool Safety.

Well, now that summer has officially arrived it is time to start thinking about everyone's favorite summertime activity, the pool!

Let's talk about pool safety. As you get ready to go swimming, please remember to watch the kids closely as each year nearly 300 children under the age of 5 drown in residential and commercial pools and nearly 300,000 children go to the emergency room for submersion incidents in pools. Few people realize the hidden dangers from drain or suction entrapment. Drains with broken, missing, or faulty covers can entrap hair, the body, limbs, jewelry and clothing, or cause disembowelment/evisceration. Always remember that a pool drain can be strong enough to trap an adult underwater, so never take your eyes off of kids in a pool. You should always have at least one "pool watcher" when kids are in the pool. If the child is under the age of five, the American Academy of Pediatrics endorses "touch supervision" which means that an adult is always within an arms reach of a child in the pool. Never leave pool toys in the pool when you are not in the pool. This just needlessly tempts children to "reach in" and get their toys, which could result in them falling in the pool.

Everyone in the pool area should know how to swim and there should always be some people that know basic pool safety, like CPR. If you have a residential pool, please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure a safe experience for any persons in or around your pool. The basic safety precautions for a pool owner are installing fences and other barriers, using pool alarms and covers and being sure that all drains are in proper working condition. It is recommended that a pool have at least a four foot barrier, such as a fence with a self closing and self latching gate.

We tell you these things not to frighten but to inform. There is no need to stay away from this popular past time, as long as you are informed and prepared. If you are not current with your CPR certification, you can contact the local Red Cross for classes. If you are in the Lexington, KY area you can also contact the Child Care Council of Kentucky at 859-254-9176 or check our website for a listing of upcoming CPR and First Aid classes.

Get out and have some fun this summer but be sure you protect your kids!

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