Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Meanderings - Fairy Gardens

As you look around the Internet, Fairy Gardens are still very big. Before I had my son, I worked part time at a local garden center so I could get a discount on my home landscaping and she made some beautiful Fairy Gardens. It is just enchanting to see these little gardens with everything done in a miniature form. They usually contain small plants and dollhouse sized furniture which is easy to come by.

I am going to include pictures of some of the beautiful Fairy Gardens I have come across but please only use these as starting points, this is a time to let the kid's creativity come alive. If your child is not really interested in fairies, you could always make it a Dragon Garden, Prehistoric Dinosaur Land or even a Commando Jungle with little army men.

Do you believe in fairies? has some great information on things needed to attract fairies to the garden. As we all know, fairies are particular about their environment.

Mystic Mountain Arts has some beautiful examples of fairy gardens. There are plenty of pictures and they range in size from planters to gardens.

Sugar Creek Gardens even shows that it is a good idea to decorate for the holidays for your fairies if you want to keep them around all the time.

Now that I have give you some visuals to look at I want to give you some ideas for supplies. When I worked at the garden center, we found supplies everywhere. The craft store is a good spot to find tiny terracotta pots, the stained glass shop is a great place to find scraps of glass that are suitable for ponds, creeks, etc. The fairy houses can be made of small sticks from your backyard stacked up log cabin style or you can cover a small milk carton with the sticks. If you have a large tree that you are planting the garden by, you can attach a dollhouse door to the tree to serve as your fairy door. Trust me, the fairies will use their magic to open the doors.

I hope you will take the time to bring a little magic and outdoor time into your life by planting a fairy garden.

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