Wednesday, January 14, 2015

15 Family Goals in 2015

 By: Angie @ Kids Matter

As the new year is underway many people have already broken their New Year Resolutions. Instead of resolutions like lose weight, get in shape, etc., I have put together a list of 15 Family Goals in 2015. These 15 things are things that I already try to do, but sometimes I need a reminder.

1) Patience - Kids do not have the same sense of urgency that adults have. Occasionally stop saying "hurry" and slow your pace down to match your child. Children see the world through different eyes and it can be refreshing to our weary adult eyes!

2) Laugh - You are busy. Your schedule is jam packed and some days you feel like you have to schedule time to breathe. We understand, because we are busy too! During this busy time, take time out to laugh and the rest will be easier.

3) Be silly - Some days you have to be serious, but other days you need to take time to be silly. Wear a funny hat, do a funny dance, make up a funny rhyme, but show your kids that it is okay to be silly.

4) Read a book with your kids - Even better, find a series to read together. Even "big kids" like to share special moments like this with a parent.

5) Read a book alone - Want to raise readers? Let your kids see you reading and how important that is to you. Be the example that your kids are looking for!

6) Watch the clouds - Lay on your back, on the ground, with your kids and pick out shapes in the clouds. Kids seem to be very scheduled today and you need to show them that they need to relax too.

7) Watch a meteor shower- Take a look at The American Meteor Shower Website and pick a great night to lay in the yard and be amazed at a meteor shower.

8) Be kind - Empathy is an asset to everyone! Take the kids and let them see you volunteer or to assist someone. Kids learn by example and kind people are always needed in the world.

9) Be understanding - Sometimes we all mess up! If your child spills something or has an accident, remember that it was an accident! Help clean up and move on!

 10) Cook together - Kids love to get in the kitchen and explore. Not only do you get the time with your kids, but you are teaching them a valuable life skill.

11) Game On! - If you want your child to be gracious in victory and in defeat, you must teach them this skill. That means occasionally challenge them to a game.

12) Say Yes - You have adult responsibilities that have to be done, but sometimes you just have to tell the kids YES when they ask you to do something. Whether it is go to the park, eat ice cream before dinner or just to build a fort in the living room, say yes once in a while!

13) Get outside - Don't spend all of your time inside. Get outside with the kids and teach them to get their hands dirty. Grow something, collect rocks, take pictures of bugs, whatever you want! Just do it outside.

14) Teach history - Show your kids where you grew up and where you went to school. Take them on a short tour and show them your history because your history is also their history.

15) Bring back on oldie but goody - Was there something you did as a kid that you remember fondly? Teach your kids how to do it. Whether it is a solar s'mores oven, painting your summer tennis shoes or making friendship bracelets, teach your kids something from your childhood.

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