Thursday, October 16, 2014

Meet the Child Care Council Staff

Introducing Casey G.

Belinda @ Kids Matter

Please say hello to Casey. She has been employed with the CCC for the past five years and is an Eligibility Specialist serving Scott County. Casey said she loves her job because, “… it allows me to reach families that need the childcare assistance the CCC provides and guide them to additional useful resources. I give them comfort when they need it, a shoulder to cry on, and ears just to listen to them when needed. I try to go above and beyond for all of my families every single day. I just love my families in Scott County.”

Casey is married to her wonderful husband of three years, Shane. In May, to celebrate their third anniversary, they took a trip to Gatlinburg (where they spent their honeymoon). They made this trip on a motorcycle. “Thank goodness for good weather,” she said. They rode the Tail of the Dragon, which is a “tourist thing” for people who have motorcycles. It’s an 11 mile stretch of road with 318 curves. Casey declared, “It was fun and scary all at the same time!” After venturing on to Nashville and back home, the whole trip was 1400 miles.

Casey and Shane love anything outdoors. She said, “We love to hunt, mostly for deer, during firearm and archery season, but each of us would love to go turkey hunting or bear hunting someday. We do lots of fishing, out of our kayaks, in the creek near our house. We show antique tractors and farm equipment all over the states of Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. We love to go camping as well; either while we are showing our tractors, or at the horse park with family. We love anything and everything we can do outside!”

Casey is a proud wife and dotes on her husband, “He is currently a volunteer firefighter for the community of Stamping Ground and is in the process of trying to become a career firefighter in Georgetown.” She went on to tell me about the sweetest thing he ever did for her, “He spent all week writing me a poem. On Friday, when I came home, I saw the poem with hand-picked wildflowers from our own land. The poem told me to get all dolled up as he was going to pick me up, like on an actual date. We had a very nice dinner and then he took me dancing.”

Oh, but that’s not all! Casey’s love for Shane shines in what she considers her greatest achievement in her life. She said, “It may not count to some people, but it counts for me. Marrying my amazing husband has to be my greatest achievement. He is a wonderful man, husband, protector, and provider. Not only does he promise to serve and protect me, but he also promised to serve and protect an entire community that depends on him along with the rest for the Stamping Ground Volunteer Fire Dept. He rushes from our home whenever the radio sounds to save someone’s life. He comforts the loved ones of the lost after he desperately tried to save them. It is dangerous for him and absolutely terrifying for me, but it is something that he loves to do and people count on him to be there. He completes me.”

They don’t have children but, they do have a six year old Australian Shepard, who is like their child, Molly Ann (pictured above). She has a pretty amazing story that I have to share. Casey said, “Molly rescued my husband and me when she was almost a year old. When my husband went to the home, he was not expecting to rescue a dog. But, when he got there, she was chained to a fence along with four other dogs.  The only thing they had eaten was some table scraps divided between the dogs. She was shot with a BB-gun every time she barked. She was underweight, dirty, and flea infested. Shane paid for her and brought her home. She has been our baby ever since and we could not imagine life without her.”

Casey said her dad is her hero, “He is always there for me when I need anything. He took care of his family by any means necessary, but would always leave work or stop what he was working on to come to my softball games, cheer competitions, or just play with me. Dad was, and is, always a part of my life. He is strong, caring, and would give the shirt off of his back to help anyone. I strive every day to be just like him. I am who I am because of my dad. He taught me a lot of things that have come in handy for me. I can just about figure anything out mechanically and I have a passion for working on cars, trucks, tractors, or equipment. I love being able to get in there and get my hands dirty.”
Casey has learned, from life, that you should always, “Reach for the stars, but don’t forget about the ones that helped you to reach them.”

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