Thursday, September 4, 2014

Meet the Child Care Council Staff

Introducing Brittany L.

Belinda @ Kids Matter

This week I introduce Brittany, from the North region of the CCC. Brittany is an Eligibility Specialist covering the counties of Boyd, Greenup, and Lawrence. She has been with the CCC for a year and a half. What is Brittany’s motivation for coming to work every day? She said, “Everything! I love interacting with the public, as well as being able to help people out and give them a little bit of relief with their finances. We don’t just give out daycare assistance, we give out a little peace of mind by helping them know that they are going to be able to get up and go to work the next morning without having to worry about their children. We provide people with the opportunity to seek a safe environment for their children and alleviate some of the expenses associated with the cost of daycare so they can work to support their family.  I love seeing people smile when I am able to help make their lives a little easier. I also love my work family! Everyone that I have met in the CCC has been very nice and helpful! I love every opportunity that allows us to get together. I am very grateful for my job, and being able to be a part of the CCC family!  I look forward to the future!” To sum up her love of her job she said, “Ultimately, the greatest job to have, is the one that I am fortunate enough to have!”
Sometimes, through tragedy and heartbreak, we realize the smallest miracles in our lives. That can be said of Brittany. I asked about her home life and family. She shared this, “I am married to my high school sweetheart. We have been together since I was 14. We have had four children, Tyson 7, Jaxon 5, and Krymson 2. We also had a son Izaiah, who would have been eight this year; however, he passed away after 23 days due to being a premature baby. He is my beautiful angel baby! If I wasn’t working in CCAP I would love to be working as a NICU nurse just to be able to hold those precious miracles.”

Brittany grew up in Greenup County. She lived with her parents and older sister. She and her best friend, Shanna, loved to go to football games, movies, parties, concerts, and etc. She said, “I am lucky to say, she is still my best friend this very day.”
In her spare time, you can find Brittany attending church every Wednesday and Sunday! She said she is, “… proud to say I am a Christian.” She is also proud to say, “I am a football and baseball mom who hopes to one day say that I am also a cheerleading mom,” she laughed. Her family enjoys sports and she said, “My family and I are Alabama football fans. That’s actually where my daughter’s name came from, it’s just spelled differently, Krymson.”

Her great-grandmother was a woman of God and was always so loving and caring. Brittany said, “She was always teaching us about life and what truly matters,” and because of those traits, Brittany says that her great-grandmother is her hero. What a truly special relationship.
As a mother of three, I had to ask her if she had any parenting advice. She answered, “Enjoy every moment, because we never know what tomorrow holds. Always pay attention to your children as well as listen! Remember that children are always listening to you, even when you don’t think they are, so make sure you’re always setting a good example. Give out lots of hugs and kisses and remember that, “Each day, we make a deposit into the memory banks of our children!”

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