Thursday, July 10, 2014

Meet the Child Care Council Staff

Introducing Sherry B.
Robin @ Kids Matter
Sherry is from Russell Springs, Kentucky.  She was born, raised, and continues to live there.  As a child, she said, she was so bashful that she would hide behind curtains and doors when company came.  Those of you, who know Sherry, can easily see that she’s changed a lot in that area.  Sherry is now very outgoing and friendly.  She rarely meets a stranger, and always has a friendly smile and greeting.   She said, “I always try to have a positive outlook.  Life is hard enough as it is, if you’re grumpy it’s just that much worse.”  Very true, being grumpy doesn’t help anything!  
Her earliest memory is from the age of two.  Her great-great grandmother was ill so, her family went to visit her. She was later able to tell who was there and what they were wearing.  Sherry was not in trouble much as a child, but she had a very inquisitive mind.  She was always questioning things and asking why.  She said she got payback for this in the form of her daughter, who is just like her.
Sherry is on her 16th year working for the Child Care Assistance Program.  She said she has seen a lot of changes during that time.  She said, “I enjoy working with people and always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.  When the clients come back and tell you how much it helped them, it really makes you feel good and shows your success.”  Before coming to CCAP, Sherry worked in sewing factories for several years.  She said she still likes to sew and make things like curtains, cushions, and etc. when she has time.  In her spare time, she also loves to read thrillers and watch old movies.
March 27th was Sherry and Wayne’s 32nd wedding anniversary.  They have one daughter, two canine babies, and two grandpuppies.  Sherry said, “…marriage and being a mother; those two things are for me, what life really is. Family means everything to me. I’ve learned that it’s not just blood relation, but also people who come into your life and are there through thick and thin.  You may not always agree on everything, but you do support and cherish them all“.
Sherry said, “My most important influence on my daughter was in making sure she has a strong foundation; teaching her the difference between right and wrong morally. We tried to give her a sense of belonging and the tools she needs to make the right decisions, to know where to go when she needs help, and that her church family is there to give love and support when no one else is.”
In talking about significant life events, Sherry said the most amazing event was the birth of her daughter.  It changed her life in such a wonderful and beautiful way, and brought a lot of joy to her life.  The hardest event in her life has been the illness of her husband, Wayne.  It changed their lives very dramatically.  She said, “He was never a quitter. There were times we struggled, met hardships, and worked through problems together.  He’s my rock.”  She said it’s hard now to make decisions on her own, but it has led her to pray a lot and come closer to her family and her church family.  She is amazed by how everyone has stepped up and helped them out in so many ways, even down to just having someone to talk to.  What an amazing support network.  It’s evident that neither Wayne nor Sherry are quitters!
I asked Sherry about an act of human kindness… if she had witnessed any that stand out to her.  Her immediate reply was, “This last year, in itself, has been an act of kindness toward us.  I don’t even know where to start…the amount of cards and prayers is amazing.  We have a prayer chain through 13 states praying for us.  We received cards from churches everywhere and financial support from people we don’t even know.  It has shown me that though we get down and think that the world is in bad shape, there are a lot of good people out there!”
Sherry said she sees her future, “...still in CCAP, working on Wayne’s recovery, with at least one grandchild, and just living life and enjoying it. “  Her advice to us is, “… you can find negatives everywhere.  Look for the positives.  Life is not easy.  You kind of get out of it what you put into it“.  I really looked forward to doing this interview with Sherry.  Having witnessed only a small part of what she has gone through over the last couple of years, and how she handled it, I really admire her for her strength, love, and positive outlook on life.  So, thanks Sherry, for sharing with and inspiring us.

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