Monday, November 25, 2013

Cooking Safety Tips

Cooking Safety Tips
Robin @ Kids Matter
Home is a place of comfort where your children learn, love, grow, experience, and discover.   It’s a place where children should feel safe, but there are dangers that we don’t all realize. So, we need to do our best to make our homes safe and do what we can to prevent accidents.  Whether you are cooking that extravagant turkey dinner, a simple meal at any other time of the year, or anything in between, here are some kitchen tips to help your family be safe.  Please visit the Safe Kids website for more safety tips. 
o          Keep children at least three feet from the hot stove.
o          Cook on the back burners when possible.
o          Keep pan handles turned toward the back of the stove.
o          Stay in the kitchen while frying, broiling, or grilling.
o          Check on your food often when baking or simmering.
o          Wear short or tightly rolled sleeves when cooking.
o          Keep your stovetop clear from anything that can catch fire.
o          Use a timer to remind yourself that you are cooking.
o          Keep all cords coiled and away from counter edges.
o          Never hold your child while cooking.
o          Keep hot food away from counters and table edges.
o          Stay close by the grill or turkey fryer when in use.
o          Make sure you test those smoke alarms.

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