Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Teachings - Plant Parts

My son has been learning about plant parts, so we decided to work on that at home also. This was a quick and easy project. I cut out all of the supplies and stacked them to the side for him to glue down. He had to name the parts as he glued them down.

Construction paper (background color, flower color and green for leaves)
Green craft foam for stem
Black or brown pipe cleaners for stems

I went with the green craft foam for the stem to show the difference in the feel, but you could use construction paper for that also. We have also used brown yarn for the roots, I just had pipe cleaners available this time.

Cut out any flower shape you want, along with a few leaves, stem and roots. This is a fun project. In addition to working on the words: roots, stem, leaves & flower, we also talked about what flowers need to survive: Water, soil, light.

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