Thursday, January 12, 2012

Noah's Dad

Have you heard of the amazing blog, Noah's Dad? It is the daily life of a family after their son Noah is born and diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Some things it is not:
A happy go lucky fairy tale. It does not paint the picture of a rosy, sunshine day for every day of their lives.
An advice column. This is not written by a Doctor and is not written to tell you how to "cure your child".

What the blog is:
It is a real live look into the family's everyday life. They post a one minute video of their son every day. The videos do not seem staged, they seem like a real glance. The videos are of things that are going on in Noah's life right now.

I learned about the blog after the Dad wrote a post about the latest Target ad. The post went viral! It was picked up by several major websites, was tweeted over 3,000 times and received over 16,000 Facebook likes! That is amazing! If you have not seen the latest Target ad, you can see page 9 on his blog. It features a child with Down Syndrome, which is great news. The best part, Target does not acknowledge it at all! They shot the picture with a group of kids and did not pick out any individual child.

If you have not checked out Noah's Dad yet, I highly recommend it. It is heartfelt, moving and amazing. Noah's Dad is proving what we have known all along - Kids Matter, All Kids Matter!

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