Friday, June 10, 2011

Straw Painting

This week we have decided to work on our blowing skills. Many children, including my own son have problems mastering the suck and blow functions. This makes whistles, bubble blowing and straw drinking difficult. As a way to combat this we did some art, since art always makes life easier.

You will need:





Construction Paper or Card Stock

Containers for the paint

Put paint into the containers. We used about 1squirt of paint. Now you will want to add enough water to make it a little runny. In the picture above, two of the colors are mixed with water and two are not. It does not take much water or paint. Using your spoons, scoop some of the watered down paint onto your construction paper. We put 4 colors on at a time before we started using the straws.

Once you have the paint on your paper, pick up your straw and blow through it to move the paint around on the paper. Periodically you are going to want to turn your paper around and blow the paint from different angles.

We had lots of fun doing this. Not only did we work on our blowing skills but we also learned about mixing colors. Since we used four colors, it was fun to watch the colors mix and mingle to create new colors.

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