Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Teachings - Earth Science Lessons

Here are some great lessons for teaching Earth Science to young children. As we know, science in many programs can be lacking in material. Here are some ways to teach kids about their surrounding environments.

Preschool is a great time to begin science activities. The way to keep a preschooler interested is to make everything hands on and fun. Would you rather hear someone tell you about volcanoes and show you pictures or would you rather get some play dough, vinegar and baking soda and make your own volcano?

The Exploratorium has a great listing of books to check out from your local library. They are broke down by subject including: Nature, Dirt, Geology and Gardening.

Science for Preschoolers has some great Water and Air Quality activities listed on their site.

The Green Fish Chronicles has some great activities to do to study Air.

Tiny Planets has some great science activity included introducing kids to using a compass.

Science - Experiments has some great ideas to do with your preschoolers that includes Earth Science.

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