Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowman Names

We had another snow day in my house so I worked with my son on recognizing the letters of his name. I got this great idea from the blog Musings of Me. If you have not checked out Michelle's amazing blog yet, please do. She has some of the best free downloads that I have found online.

Anyway, back to the project. I cut out 6 snowballs from white sticky backed foam. One snowman was the head so I used markers to draw on a face. The other five were for my son's name, one letter per snowball. I then wrote my son's name vertically on an index card. I went ahead and stuck the snowman head on a piece of blue paper (actually two pieces taped together to be long enough). I then gave the snowballs to my son in no particular order and the index card with his name on it. I asked him to put his name in order just like the index card.

He did an amazing job and then we stuck the snowballs onto the blue paper and glued a hat and scarf cut from foam onto the snowman. This is hanging on his bedroom door and he likes to show it off all the time and as he goes into his room he always stops at the door to read his name.

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  1. I lOve how your snowman turned out! Thanks so much for your kind words and linking to my blog!! :-)