Thursday, December 2, 2010

Homemade Gift - Memory Game

I was in Hobby Lobby recently and bought some stamps with a coupon I had. I decided to use the stamps to make my son a memory game for Christmas.

I stamped each picture on two different rounds discs. My discs are about 2 inches round. I just used black ink to keep them simple looking. It would also be easy to draw pictures in the discs. I drew on the sun and crescent moon.

I am pleased with how these turned out and they will make a very cute gift for my son. I went with a nature theme but it would be easy to make them with trucks or dolls. If you do not want to stamp the discs it would also be easy to put fabric or paper on one side of each disc. This game can be customized to match any interest your child may have.


  1. saw this at craft gossip, i think its a great idea and a great gift

  2. Thanks Tiffany. Hope you took some time to look around the rest of the blog and that you will come back and visit again.

  3. I work with seniors affected with dementia. The circled Match Game is a better idea than how we play it. We have letter sized paper ones that are used on easel. These would be great for table use. Thanks