Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Meanderings - Eco Crafts

As I was online over the week-end I found several great crafts to do with the kids that use recycled items in honor of Earth Day on April 22nd. There is no better time to learn about saving the planet and recycling then when you are young. Please check out these crafts and have some fun with your kids.

Itty Bitty Cork Stamps at Lil Blue Boo

This is a great project to try with the kids. As for getting the corks, I know that if you go to some of the wine stores in my town that offer wine tastings, they will be happy to give you the corks from bottles for free. You can carve the ends of the corks or you can try gluing on the foam shapes you can buy at craft stores.

Reusing an old broken whisk at Glittering Shards

This is a great way to use a broken or thrifted whisk. It is big, bold and beautiful.

Super Foam –erater from Betz White

This is a project that I found some time ago and bookmarked to do with my son when he learns how to blow effectively. It looks like so much fun I might just make one for myself!

Plastic Dragonflies from Nini Makes

These are so cute and perfect for a bit of the younger crowd. I do not know about your area but around here the strawberries in the grocery store are on sale so I am already buying lots of them I might as well recycle that container.

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