Thursday, January 28, 2010

Child Hood Obesity; What can we do?

According to statistics from a non-profit organization, Trust for America's Health, Kentucky ranks 4th in the highest rate of childhood obesity and 7th in adults. Bob Dylan once wrote, "times they are a changing." As far as childhood obesity is concerned, times are changing for the worse.

Kids are spending more time in doors playing video games and surfing the web. When they do go outside it is to ride their battery or gas powered bikes, scooters, ATVs, etc. Studies have shown that children are spending an average of 7.5 hours a day on electronic media, not including the multiple number of electronics they are on at the same time. Kids are usually talking on their cell phone, surfing the web, playing online video games all while eating their dinner in front of the television. Did I mention there is also an increase in eye problems with children due to electronic media? This will raise the cost of vision care in the future.

All of these issues leads to children not getting the proper exercise and is putting our children at serious health risks. Some studies say that the next generation will start to outlive their own children. We need to get involved and we need to get involved early childhood development.

The Child Care Council of Ky( has 4 helpful tips that can help you keep your child healthy.
- Make sure your child care provider offers nutritious snacks and teaches healthy eating.
- Monitor the amount of time your child spends on electronic media
- Make sure you and your child get at least 60 minutes of outdoor physical activity
- And always remember, KIDS MATTER


  1. Dicky,

    I think your interest in kids and their health is outstanding. It is great that you are using your resources and background to help kids in a positive manner. I am a middle school PE teacher in Louisville. If you are ever interested in creating a partnership or trying something in a school please let me know. You can get my contact information from This is a great article.

  2. Isn't he doing great? Good to know that your getting all this information about children before we start having some of our own :) Great article